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Birthmark Removal Procedure

Birthmark Removal Procedure

Birthmark Removal Procedure

what is a Birthmark?

There are many people who have birthmark which is extremely large or in the wrong place. Appearance of birthmark which affects your personality can set anyone worrying. If you want it to be disappeared for once and forever then there is a treatment available. Birth mark removal procedure helps in getting rid of marks effectively as well as safely.
Here are a few points which will help you understand birth mark removal procedure in a better way.

  • In this procedure, cosmetic surgeon or doctor uses a hand held laser passing over the skin part which has to be treated. Heat energy is generated targeting blemishes and improving skin appearance.
  • It is a painless as well as safe procedure which gives well-toned skin
  • We make sure that patients have clear idea and understanding of the procedure before they decide to go for it. We consult patient who wants to undergo the treatment before starting the procedure.
  • Birth mark removal procedure has been a revolution in the world of cosmetic surgery. It is a new foundation for improving skin tone.
  • Treatment required – Patients who are considering undergoing this procedure should be aware of the fact that several laser treatment sessions are needed for removing birthmark.
  • Results – With this procedure, birthmarks can be lightened to a great extent. In several cases, these are even removed permanently.
  • Side-effects – Just after the treatment, skin of patient might appear slightly red or pink. This will take a few days to subside away. Crusting or temporary bruising might also be experienced by you. It will subside within five to seven days.

Who is the right candidate for the procedure?

Birth removal procedure is just the right option for healthy individuals who have no medical condition. Since laser treatment targets either the pigment of birthmarks or the blood vessels of vascular birthmarks, like hemangiomas and port wine stains, the area surrounding skin is protected. Timely treatment of birthmarks, in infants and young children, not only avoids social stigma tagged with birthmarks but also prevents and impedes further development of birthmarks.

How many sessions are required for the treatment?

Several laser treatments are needed for effective removing of birthmarks.

Expected results

As far as results of birthmark removal procedure is considered, they will be lightened. In some cases, they are completely removed with the laser treatment. Patients who have pigmented birthmarks should avoid direct sun exposure for maintaining results.

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