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Lip Reduction Surgery

Lip Reduction Surgery

Those who have large lips often become self-conscious. Such lips are considered ugly. Some people have large lips because of natural conditions which lead to fat lips. While common preference among people is to have luscious and large lips, many find them displeasing and disproportionate with rest of the facial features. Now you can change the size of your lip as per your preferred comfort and balance it with other facial features by opting for lip reduction surgery.

Surgery Cosmetic Plastics is a one-stop destination for those people who want to revive the shape and size of their lips.  No longer have you had to live with large and fat lips as we make sure that you get best possible results of lip reduction surgery. The entire procedure is customised to fit your needs. The cosmetic surgeon would ask how you want your lips to appear and what actually can be achieved. You can now get the perfect smile by just getting rid of fat and large lips.

Lip reduction procedure

It is a cosmetic surgery procedure whichis performed under general or localanaesthesia and the entire duration of the procedure lasts for nearly an hour or two. The process of recovery will take around two to three weeks.

The surgeon makes an incision in the length of your lip inside your mouth for removing a tissue or strip of skin from either one or both lips.  He would aim to improve the lips and mouth area for complementing remaining facial features while maintaining a natural look. Usually, thesurgeon makes use of dissolvable sutures. Simultaneously, the curves around the lip area can be absolutely preserved or slightly modified, thus affecting only the volume of your lips, on the basis of what you’d prefer.

Results and recovery

Lip reduction surgery is just the right option for those who have large lips and are in good health without any kind of serious allergies.  The results are immediate, although because of swelling, there is a possibility that lips might appear large temporarily. Also, you should know that bruising and swelling are normal after surgery and this will subside away after a few days.

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