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Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction Surgery

Also known as body contouring surgery or lipoplasty, Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures.  You have followed strict diet and exercise regime and still, you have stubborn deposits of fat that do not go away. Your reason for choosing to opt for liposuction might be as simple as just longing to look in better shape and fit into your favourite clothes. However, it is important to know that liposuction surgery is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, it can, for sure, make you feel and look better.

Here are a few points which will make the liposuction surgery clear to you:

  • Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity
  • It is a surgical procedure which aims at improving the contours of the body by removing excessive deposits of skin and fat located between the muscle and skin.
  • The task of removing fat is achieved as the suction cannula creates small tunnels through the fatty layers.
  • The technique involves the usage of a tiny stainless steel tube known as the cannula.
  • The cannula is connected to an extremely powerful suction pump and then inserted into the fat via small incisions in the skin.

The main purpose of liposuction surgery is to sculpt your body, removing unwanted pockets of diet and exercise resistant deposits of fat from saddlebags, breasts (also male breasts), hips, thighs, love handles, neck, buttocks, calves, back, ankles and arms. Often, the cosmetic surgeon combines liposuction with other surgical procedures to get the desired result. It is counted among one of the most popular and safe cosmetic surgery procedures.

When can you consider liposuction surgery?

  • When you want to achieve a sleeker contour or more definition in some part of your body
  • If you have good skin elasticity (remember that liposuction surgery eliminates fat, however, does not tighten skin)
  • In case you have localised areas of fat deposits that are not in proportion with the rest of your body parts.

There are different types of techniques to facilitate liposuction procedure. Tumescent liposuction, Vaser lipo, Power Assisted Liposuction, Ultrasound Assisted Lipo, Laser Assisted Liposuction and Suction Assisted Lipo are some of the most common techniques used to perform the surgery. Usually, liposuction surgery lasts for two to four hours. A patient might have to undergo treatments or sitting to get the effective results.Make sure that you follow the instructions given by the surgeon for a quick recovery.

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