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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction

Medically known as reduction mammaplasty, breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery procedure which is performed for reshaping and reducing the size of your breasts so that they appear proportionate to the rest of your body. It is often that large sized breasts become a source of embarrassment and physical discomfort for women. This is when decision to undergo such a surgical procedure would help you regain better and improved shape of breasts. Undergoing this surgery brings along dual benefits – it improves appearance while providing respite from the emotional and physical discomfort of overly large sized breasts.

When can you consider breast reduction surgery?

  • If you are self-conscious and unhappy because of the large appearance of your breasts.
  • If you think that size of your breasts is large for your body frame and structure and cause shoulder, back and neck pain and discomfort.
  • If your one breast is larger than the other.
  • If your breasts are heavy with areolas and nipples pointing downwards.

Advantages related to breast reduction surgery

  • After surgery, you will get respite from shoulder, back and neck pain and discomfort which will make it easier for you to exercise and breathe.
  • Your breast will come in proportion with your rest of the body and will feel much firmer.
  • Not only your clothes would fit much better, but also you will feel more confident about how you look.

Who is the right candidate for breastreduction surgery?

Women who prefer to undergo breast reduction surgery are those who are overweight, have disproportionate breasts, have a predisposition for large or are extremely sensitive to estrogen. It is often that big breasts run in family and inherited from grandmothers and mothers.
Here are the reasons for women to consider undergoing breast reduction surgery:

  •  You have numbness or poor posture in some parts of your upper chest or breasts from excessive breast weight.
  • You have skin irritation, backaches or neck aches below your breasts.
  • You have no pre-existing medical conditions or are in overall good health with no active health conditions.
  • You have difficulty in breathing and you notice grooves in your shoulders from your straps of bra.
  • Finding the right dresses, tops and blouses which fit you are difficult.
  • You are not happy with your appearance because of the size of your breasts.

If you are in overall good health and have realistic expectations as well as positive attitude then you are the right candidate for breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery


Am I a candidate for breast reduction?

If you have breasts larger than your body framework or if you have symptoms like pain in the neck, upper back or shoulders or if there are skin rashes and infections due to heavy breast in the bra areas then you are a good candidate for breast reduction.

How long does the surgery take?

The surgery takes anywhere between 3to 4 hours and is normally done under general anaesthesia where you are put to sleep for the duration of the surgery.

Do I need anything before the operation?

Yes, you need to undergo a few blood tests and sometimes a mammogram too. You should follow pre-operative instructions given by your doctor regarding need to stop a few drugs like aspirin etc

What are the benefits of the breast reduction ?

You get a shapely breast and also relief from your neck and shoulder pains after removing the excess weight off your chest.

What are the risks of the procedure?

There is a small chance of skin discolouration , lessening of sensation in nipples and also loss of some breast tissue, but these are more in smokers.

Are there different techniques of doing the surgery?

Yes there are various different techniques depending on the size of breast

Do I also get a lift with reduction?

Yes, once the breast size is reduced and the nipple and breast is repositioned usually the new breast position is perky and lifted up.

Are there scars?

Yes there are normally scars of the procedure but they fade with time even though they never completelydisappear .

Can I have other procedures with breast reduction ?

Yes you can have other procedures with breast reduction after consulting your plastic surgeon.

When can I resume my normal routine?

You can walk out of the hospital the same evening or the next morning . Exercises and gymmingcan be resumed after 4to 6 weeks only

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