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Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Ear Surgery

Medically known as otoplasty, ear surgery is performed for aesthetic and medical reasons. Also known as ear reshaping surgery, it aims at altering the proportion, size and position of the ears. As far as outcome of the otoplasty is considered, it depends mainly on the changes that a patient desires for. However, such a cosmetic procedure helps in improving and boosting self-confidence, particularly in teenagers and kids. If one of your ear is higher than the other, ear reshaping surgery can help in achieving symmetry while if one of your ears stick out, the cosmetic surgeon can perform ear pinning for flattening the ear against the head. Oversized or large ear problems can be addressed either alone or in conjunction with other ear problems.

When is the right time to consider ear surgery?

  • In case you have met with an accident and suffered an injury that has negatively affected the positioning or shape of your ears.
  • If you think your ears are oddly placed or are disproportionate to your head.
  • If you think that you ears stick out prominently.
  • If you have small or overly large ears since the time of birth.

Advantages Associated with Otoplasty

  • Results of this surgical procedure usually last for a lifetime with minimum fluctuations.
  • It can improve the proportion and shape of your ears.
  • Otoplasty, when done correctly, can boost your self-confidence. Given that it is a low risk procedure, it can also be performed on children above five years of age.

How is otoplasty performed?

When performed in kids, it is important to know that cartilage is soft and that splints can be used for contouring at the time of surgery. This type of surgical procedure is usually Performed under general anaesthesia. However, adults have harder cartilage. Thus, the surgery must be performed by either repositioning or removing cartilage after making a small incision in the ear.

On the basis of desired changes and the anatomy of a patient, there is very possibility that the cosmetic surgeon might make an incision hidden behind or inside the ear. Soft tissue or extra cartilage those are responsible for making the ear stick out can be easily removed. In case, normal folds are missing from the ear, even they can be easily re-created by scraping the cartilage to contour it or shaping the cartilage with permanent sutures. In some cases, even a combination of different techniques is required to achieve the desires outcome.

Ear Surgery Result

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