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Fat Transfer/ Facial Liposculpture


It involves removal of fatty tissue from the body and injecting it into another area.

Fat grafting has increased popularity due to its minimal invasiveness, reduced risk of transplant rejection and usefulness in reshaping bodies in a manner that best reflects individual interests. Can be performed under LA or GA depending upon the site of grafting .


Involves harvesting fat using either syringe with a large bore needle or liposuction cannula. After harvesting,  the fat is centrifuged and then injected into the desired area .  More than 30% is injected taking into account body’s reabsorption rate.


Reassessed at 3-6 months . Many patients may need more than one treatment usually 3-6 months after the first one.



Fat Transfer/ Facial Liposculpture FAQ

What is Liposculpture?

Liposculpture is an advanced or refined form of liposuction and it helps you eliminate stubborn fat pockets to deliver a chiseled look. A nonsmoker with a body mass index under 30 is a good candidate for this cosmetic surgery and this procedure allows you to take your fitness efforts into a completely new level.

How is Liposculpture performed?

After giving intramuscular injection or an oral tablet, the surgeon outs into an arm vein and the targeted areas will be infused using the tumescent fluid. The fat is taken out from these areas using the cannula. After the fat removal process, dressings and support garments are applied.

What is the recovery process?

The recovery process depends on the complexity of the procedure. Under normal circumstances, patients can return to normal schedule on the second day.
The recovery process becomes almost complete after one week.

What is the duration of the procedure?

The duration of the procedure has a lot to do with the area and size of the patient. The surgeon completes this procedure between 20 4 hours.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Some patients may experience some mild discomforts. A good number of them can cope without pain killers while some others may need a stronger medication. The surgeon offers the best solutions and you just need to follow their advice.

What are the risks of Liposculpture?

This procedure is a safe one for most patients, but some people may experience soreness, pain, bruising, texture irregularities, swelling and numbness. All these problems can be addressed with the help of the medications prescribed by the surgeons.

Are the results permanent one?

Liposculpture offers extra ordinary results for the most patients and these results always last for a very long period of time as well.

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