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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant – Results, Recovery and Cost !

Of the hair loss remedies and solutions, perhaps the most effective is the surgical hair restoration. In recent years, hair transplant has emerged as one of the most sought-after and effective solutions to treat the problem of hair loss. There are many hair replacement procedures available from which you can choose the one that is best for you. The technique of hair transplant in Delhi depends on several factors including the degree of hair loss and the individual circumstances of every person. Cosmetic surgery clinic India aims at scheduling an appointment with the cosmetic surgeons who have expertise in performing hair transplant. Surgical  hair restoration provides not only lasting but also predictable solution to hair loss.

Results of hair transplant

The results of the hair transplant surgery depend on several factors. However, one thing that you should keep in mind is to adhere to the instructions given by the cosmetic surgeon. There are hair transplant surgeons who have expertise in performing this procedure. Choose the one so that you can be assured of results. When you choose to consult hair transplant surgeon through Cosmeti csurgery clinic india then we make sure you will get connected with best of the cosmetic surgeon.  Your surgeon will recommend the post-surgical regimen so that best possible results can be achieved.

Hair transplant recovery

Once all micro grafts have been placed in the targeted area, the hair transplantation patient would have growth in the transplant areas along with minor scabbing.  The affected scalp would heal rapidly, so should the sutured incision from the donor part. The new transplanted hair would fall out after a few weeks, because the hair goes into the phase of resting initially.  Within a few months, the hair would start growing again, and the new hair will grow at a normal rate. Follicles that are transplanted during surgical hair restoration are not sensitive to the similar biological influences just like the original follicles in the balding part of the scalp and should thus produce just like they did in the donor site.

Hair transplant cost

When it comes to hair transplant cost in Delhi, Cosmeti csurgery clinic india makes sure that you get to pay the most reasonable cost. The fee of the surgeon,  operating facility and staff salaries are some other factors that would determine the cost of hair transplant surgery.

Why go for Hair Treatments?

  • Brings back your youthful charm
  • Increases self-confidence by eliminating balding
  • Improves overall appearance
  • It is safe

Hair transplant FAQ

What is hair transplant surgery?

This procedure restores hair on the Bald and less dense areas of your scalp and it improves the confidence in the best possible way.

How is hair transplant performed?

During this process, the surgeon removes the follicles from the donor area and they are transplanted onto the Onto the target areas , omit the rest of it.

What is the recovery process?

You can go back to your routine activities within 2 to 5 days after this procedure, but the instructions of the surgeon should be followed for a few more weeks.

What is the cost of this procedure?

The cost of the procedure depends on several aspects and they include fees for the surgeon, fees for the surgical facility, price for the anesthesia and the cost for medications as well.

What are the risk factors of hair transplant?

Although it is basically a safe procedure, you can expect some side effects like skin irritation, infection, allergic reactions, and adverse reaction to anesthesia.

Are the results permanent one?

If you undergo this procedure in a top quality clinic under the supervision of a qualified and experienced surgeon, you can expect the best results. The outcome will be really long lasting as well.

What are the risks associated with a hair transplant procedure?

A hair transplant procedure may result in infections and it is possible to treat with antibiotics to thereby helping to restore the conditions.

How long does it take to complete the procedure?

The hair transplant procedure may take 4 or 5 hours depending on the hair type.

Does hair transplant lead to any discomforts?

A surgeon will perform a hair transplant procedure with a local or general anesthesia. You may encounter some discomforts and a surgeon will help you to manage them with ease.

What is the downtime of a hair transplant procedure?

It will take two or three weeks to recover from the procedure enabling you to gain more benefits.

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