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Lips Reshaping Procedure

Lips Reshaping Procedure

Lips Reshaping Procedure


Human face is mirror to feelings and emotions. Lips followed by eyes are the most noticeable as well as expressive feature of face. Feminine lips are rounding, shapely and full with a cupid bow. Contrarily, masculine lips are relatively flat and thin. It is important for you to know that with aging, human lips lose collagen, and thus shrink contributing the most famous perception that men become handsome as and when they age.
There are different types of cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance shape of your lips. Lip augmentation makes your lips plumper or larger while lip reduction is performed widely for making lips thinner or smaller. Also trending is lip reconstruction surgery which helps in repairing the abnormal growth of lips or fix damaged tissue, like cleft lips, lips which grow together in different way leaving noticeable separation. Lip lifts are performed for closing the distance under the nose lending lips more pleasing and fuller appearance. Lip surgery procedures also revise scar tissue. Lip Reshape is also one of the most preferred technique through which several changes can be made to your face.
Here are a few points which will make lip reshape treatment clearer:
• All stem cells as well as fat used for lip augmentation procedure are natural permanent
• Lip reshape comprises if stem cells therapy, fat, fillers and dermal fat grafting
• When fillers are used, they have to be prepared at an interval of a year
Lip surgery is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. An increasing number of men and women want to improve their facial appearance. In fact, improvement in facial appearance boosts self-esteem and self-confidence. It can help in restoring volume of lips by either using injectable fillers or surgery. In most cases, patients prefer fillers so as to avoid undergoing knife. However, there are other people who look for permanent treatment, and thus opt for lip implants for achieving the perfect look.
Mostly, lip surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. In case you are opting for injectable treatment then it might just take an hour’s time to complete it, however permanent lip implant surgery might last for many hours. For those who are opting for non-surgical augmentation procedure, patients can resume normal activities without much delay. However, those who undergo relatively more invasive procedure are expected to take rest for a week’s time. So, if you want to enhance your lips shape then consider Lip Reshaping procedure.

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