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cosmetic surgery clinic india

cosmetic surgery clinic india

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover has emerged as one of the most popular and commonly performed cosmetic procedures among women who wish to turn back the clock after pregnancy. Being bestowed with a bundle of joy is one of the most enthralling experiences in the life of a couple. However, women who are conscious about their looks and appearance often become self-conscious because of the stretch marks, sagging and loose skin on abdomen, thighs and breast. Excess fat deposits further add to their woes. To counter such effects, many women prefer opting for Mommy Makeover – a cosmetic procedure which can help in regaining improved body contour and shape.

It is possible to regain pre-baby shape by simply undergoing a combination of procedures which comprise of post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery, cellulite removal and skin treatment. These procedures can alter the effects of pregnancy which cannot be reversed through exercise and diet. Usually, this kind of cosmetic procedure include a tummy tuck, liposuction, body lift – upper and lower body lift and breast surgery – breast lift and augmentation.

When is the right time to think of undergoing mommy makeover?

[ms_list icon=”fa-check-square-o” icon_color=”#ed74c8″ icon_boxed=”no” background_color=”#ffffff” boxed_shape=”square” item_border=”no” item_size=”12″ class=”” id=””] [ms_list_item]If unwanted pockets of fat deposits on thighs, arms, waist and abdomen fail to improve with exercise and diet.[/ms_list_item] [ms_list_item]If you are worried because of the stretch marks and sagging abdomen.[/ms_list_item] [ms_list_item]If you think that your pregnancy has negatively affected the shape and size of your breasts.[/ms_list_item] [/ms_list]

Advantages of this procedure:

[ms_list icon=”fa-check-square-o” icon_color=”#ed74c8″ icon_boxed=”no” background_color=”#ffffff” boxed_shape=”square” item_border=”no” item_size=”12″ class=”” id=””] [ms_list_item]Your swimwear and clothes would best fit your body.[/ms_list_item] [ms_list_item]Helps in restoring more youthful flat tummy and bust.[/ms_list_item] [ms_list_item]It would help you return to a more youthful-looking body procedure.[/ms_list_item] [/ms_list]

How is the surgery performed?

It is a descriptive term, not a procedure; hence, your first step is to schedule an appointment with an experienced and renowned surgeon who will recommend further procedures. Following are the procedures which are performed as the part of Mommy Makeover.

Tummy Tuck

Also known as abdominoplasty, it is performed for improving abdomen resulting from excess skin, poor and fat skin elasticity and stretching of the inner abdominal muscles, inner girdle of connective tissue. This surgery aims at removing loose and excess skin and fat deposits, thus tightening slack fascia, thus removing stretch marks and excess skin deposits in the lower abdomen region.


An abdominoplasty might narrow your wait, not hips. This is where liposuction can come to your rescue. it can help in improving the contour of hips or flanks. Thus, the cosmetic surgeon might recommend liposuction for thighs and hips while performing a tummy tuck. It is also effective in the knees, chest, upper arms, thighs and neck.

Breast surgery

When it comes to breast surgery as a part of mommy makeover, there are two procedures which are performed – breast lift and breast augmentation.

Breast Lift

Also known as mastopexy, it treats uneven and sagging breasts, stretched areola, drooping nipples and decreased breast volume and returning lift and youthful shape to your breasts.

Breast Augmentation

Also known as augmentation mammaplasty, it restores or increases the size of breast making use of fat grafting, silicone gel implants and saline implants.

Body Lift

A body lift procedure improves the tone and shape of the underlying tissues that support skin and fat. Excess deposits of sagging skin and fat are removed. There are two types of body lift surgeries – upper body and lower body lift.

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