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Neck Lift

Medically known as cervicoplasty or platysmaplasty, neck lift is a cosmetic procedure which aims at improving the appearance of neck.  Neck is one of those body parts where signs of ageing appear first. Horizontal creases, fatty jowls, vertical banding and “turkey wattle” work together making you look much older than your actual age. This is where a neck lift can come to your rescue. it enhances the appearance of neck by tightening the underlying muscles and skin and enhancing the overall contour of jawline. Usually, the cosmetic surgeon performs this surgery along with other procedures like a cheek lift, liposuction and a facelift. However, it is also performed as standalone procedure too.

When can you consider a neck lift surgery?

  • If the distinct jawline of your youth has disappeared and you wish to restore it.
  • In case you have developed a turkey wattle which makes you look and feel older than your age.
  • If you have excess wrinkles and skin deposits on your neck.
  • If you think and feel that your neck area is fat.

Advantages associated with the procedure

  • It can be performed as a standalone procedure in case you do not need any other facial surgery.
  • The results of this surgery are outstanding and can improve your jawline and neck.
  • You can achieve youthful profile.

Who is the right candidate for neck lift surgery?

Listed below are some reasons to undergo this surgery:

  • Your neck area has developed lines and folds.
  • You want to have a sleeker neck along with a distinct jawline which separates your face from neck.
  • You have excess deposits of fat and skin in your neck area.

If you are healthy and have realistic expectations and attitude then you are considered as the right candidate for neck lift surgery.

Cervicoplasty procedure

Patients who require minimal contouring can get it done only with the liposuction. Reading further you can find out about detailed procedure for this cosmetic procedure:

  • Incisions are behind the ear or under the chin on the basis of the procedure which has been selected by the surgeon.
  • The platysma muscle is tightened and stitched together in the same way shoelaces are cinched.
  • Skin and tissue are repositioned before securing with sutures.
  • Excess deposits of fat and skin are trimmed.
  • Incisions are closed. In some cases, drains are closed before bandaging the wound.

Post-surgery care and recovery plays an important role in speedy recovery. Thus, make sure that you adhere to the advice given by the cosmetic surgeon.

Neck Lift Surgery Result


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