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Photo Dynamic Procedure

Photo Dynamic Procedure

Photo Dynamic Procedure

Nothing can be compared to having healthy-looking, beautiful, soft and smooth skin. Over the period of time, the effects of time, hormones, wind and sun start appearing on your skin causing damage to it. Skin is the largest organ of the body. Hence, maintaining its vibrant as well as youthful appearance is not only important but also a necessity. No longer maintaining it is a challenging task, courtesy, Photo Dynamic Therapy. It is one of the most powerful as well as effective ways for treating sun damaged skin, firming and tightening skin and reducing blemishes. It is the latest and most innovative treatment designed for treating some skin problems.
Here are a few points which will make your understanding regarding the photo dynamic procedure better.
• Photo Dynamic Therapy, also known as PDT, is a non-invasive and innovative method for treating skin facial conditions such as acne, rosacea and age spots to name a few.
• It is the combination of a light source like BLU-U or the Clear Light and Levulan Kerastick . It targets particular skin cells while leaving other tissues completely unharmed.
Repairing damaged skin is important to protect it from further damage

With PDT come various benefits for your skin to enhance your overall look, health and feel. Once you are done with the treatment, there is light sensitivity to your skin for near about 24 hours to 48 hours. Suring this span, try avoiding exposure to sun and other lights comprising shopping centre lightning, bright house lights and even light coming through the window of car. A few advantages of PDT are mentioned below;

• Healing is fast
• Little to no downtime and minimal side effects
• It can be repeated if the need be
• There is no thing as systemic reaction
• You will experience excellent results
• It just offers a real alternative for those suffering from severe acne problems
• The treatment can be customized as per the needs of individual
• You can undergo any other surgical, medical or cosmetic procedure after undergoing PDT
There is very possibility that you might experience slight skin irritation during as well as after the therapy along with mild tightness which can be dealt with application of emollient ointments.

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