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Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation on Face Removal

Most of you have heard about pigmentation. But are you really aware what it is? Pigmentation Removal is colouring of the skin because of increase in production of melanin. Genetics, excessive sunlight as well as hormonal imbalances can aggravate pigmentation on face. It occurs because of the over-productive melanin leading to patches and dark spots on the skin. Melanin refers to the cells which gives human eyes, hair and skin their respective colour. Each individual is different so is the presence of melanin in skin. The more melanin you have, the darker is your skin tone.

There are several genetic as well as environmental factors which are responsible for irregular level of production of melanin in some parts of skin. This, in turn, might cause lighter, also known as hypopigmentation or darker, known as hyper pigmentation patches of skin. As far as causes for skin pigmentation is considered, reasons for it vary and majority of people experience pigmentation on some parts of their body (freckles and birthmarks). Going by what dermatologists have to suggest, certain diseases like diabetes, hormonal imbalances as well as changes and genetic predisposition are some of the main reasons for irregularity in production of melanin.

How to Remove Pigmentation?

In fact, exposure of sun can also cause change in the presence of melanin levels. Make sure that you wear sunscreen lotion having high SPF when you go out. Try to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. Excessive exposure to sunlight can aggravate skin conditions like pigmentation. If you want to have gorgeous and glowing skin then takes right measures. Pigmentation removal treatment is important for those who have excess of it.
There are some ways in which you can prevent pigmentation. Here are some of them

Skin Pigmentation Treatment 

• Enrich your diet with products having high quantity of Vitamin C. it is medically proven to brighten tone of skin.
• Make sure that you are also having right quantities of Vitamin A and Vitamin D respectively. Both these vitamins promote production of collagen, enhance elasticity as well as overall skin resilience.
• Skin miniaturization is extremely important. Use high quality moisturiser for nourishing your skin, choose moisturiser which brightens and lightens uneven skin tones.
• Avoid excessive exposure to sun

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