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cosmetic surgery clinic india

cosmetic surgery clinic india

PRP Treatment Clinic in Delhi

Is PRP Treatment Safe?

Hair fall is a common condition. Many people shed some hair every day.However, if you are experiencing hair loss in excess then it can be a reason for concern and worry for both women and men alike. It can begin with losing some hair strands while combing hair or with just a few hair strands falling. In some cases, this excess hair fall might lead to baldness at a later stage.  Baldness refers to a condition in which excessive hair falls from your scalp. It can be either because of some medications or inherited. Also, it is important for you to know that hair loss can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. If you are suffering from hair loss then Platelet Rich Plasma treatment can help you.

Following are a few points which will make PRP treatment clear to you:

  • The PRP is taken from the body of a patient and is prepared especially by spinning down blood cells to a high concentration.
  • In the medical field of hair restoration, PRP therapy is believed to be a promising and effective non-surgical therapeutic option for people who are suffering from the problem of hair loss.
  • Neither medication nor sedation is given or administered during the procedure for inhibiting the ability for using or driving machinery.
  • The highly concentrated PRP, also known as platelet rich plasma, is then injected into the scalp of the patient.
  • The system helps in eliminating granulocytes which hurts regeneration of tissue and wound healing. Then an anaesthesia block is administered to nerves of the scalp so that patient feels neither discomfort nor pain.
  • Then the hair of patient is washed and he or she can drive home on the very same day of the treatment.

There are different types of conditions which can be treated with PRP. On the basis of the current research, PRP is highly effective for treating soft tissues injuries.  This includes ligament tears or sprains, muscle tears, tendon tears, loose ligaments and tendonitis. In addition, PRP is found to be very effective in treating problems related to cartilage degeneration such as arthritis. A patient might be required one to three treatment or sessions. Number of treatments needed depends on the degree of injury or damage and for how long the injury has been there. In some cases, a patient might need more treatments.

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