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cosmetic surgery clinic india

cosmetic surgery clinic india

Stretch Marks Removal Procedure

Stretch Marks Removal Procedure:

Presence of stretch marks can affect confidence and self-esteem of every woman. Given the fact, stretch marks are common and the very fact of life, many women look for ways in which they can get rid of these marks. Pregnancy, puberty or weight loss is some of the most common causes of stretch marks. Just think of the times when you followed strict diet regimen and exercise to get rid of those kilos, and finally hard work paid off. However, with this new and better body, you got stretch marks too. But, no longer have you to live with stretch marks as there is treatment which lets you get rid of them giving smooth, clear and touchable skin of which you have always dreamt of.

Here are a few points which will give you better and clear understanding of stretch marks removal treatment.
By chemical peels – In this procedure, cosmetic surgeon or health care professionals applies chemical solution to affected area making use of cotton swab, sponge, brush or cotton pad. The strength as well as types of chemicals mixed in the solution depends on individual needs of the patient. Chemicals present in the solution peel of top layers of dead and damaged skin, activating production of new skin cells.

By Laser – Laser based stretch marks removal treatment is highly popular because of the advantages it offers. In this treatment, short pulses of micro fine laser light are used which reaches deep skin layers. It helps in treating the support structure of skin. Thereafter, natural healing process of body slowly gets rid of damaged and older tissues rebuilding new, fresh elastin and collagen which are important for the smooth skin. New collagen turns the texture of stretch marks smooth, thus reducing their appearance on the skin by enhancing their colour.
Gear up for better life without Stretch marks

  • Minimal side effects of the treatment
  • Improvement in appearance of skin
  • FDA cleared and approved product
  • Comfortable sessions of treatment
  • Better looking and smooth skin without underjoining knife
    No downtime

Who is the right candidate for this procedure?

Laser treatment for stretch marks removal is appropriate for all types of skin including very dark as well as light skin.

How does the treatment works?

Pulses of fractional laser light is used by the doctor or cosmetic surgeon for breaking down stretch marks and triggering production of new tissues at the affected area. This helps in improving the colour of stretch marks. The fresh and new collagen leaves stretch marks smoother in texture, thus reducing their appearance on skin.

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