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cosmetic surgery clinic india

cosmetic surgery clinic india

Best Tattoo Removal Clinic in Delhi, India

Tattoo Removal

In ancient times, tattoos were considered as a mark of identification. However, in the present era, tattoos have emerged as an art of decorating skin. In fact, messages are also engraved as part of tattoo making. When you get any part of your body inked, initially you love it. However, over the period of time, you might want to get it removed. This is where Tattoo Removal procedure can help you. We are Cosmetic Surgery Clinic India offering tattoo removal treatment with minimal side effects to all those who want to remove it.

How the procedure works?

It’s a laser treatment. Pulses of high intensity laser light removes tattoo by breaking pigment colours. Black tattoo pigment absorbs wavelengths of laser light making the entire procedure easy. As far as removal of other colours is considered, it can be only done by some selected laser which is based on pigment colour.

We very well know that each tattoo is unique; hence we choose removal techniques as per the need of the individual. Until a few years back, different methods were employed for removing tattoo. However, in majority of cases, scars were extremely unappealing than tattoo. Those who have undergone tattoo removal procedure in past can also be the right candidate for the procedure. Some patients are not able to get rid of tattoos following home remedies and other procedure can also opt for laser treatment. However, prior treatments should not have left excessive scarring.It is only on the basis of tattoo’s size and colour that we can suggest number of treatments or sessions needed. Although tattoo can be removed in two to five visits, but there is very possibility you might need as many as ten to twelve or more sessions. We share with patients complete details when they consult us for tattoo removal.

As far as treatment with laser is considered, it depends on the size, age and type of tattoo (professional or amateur).

Also the colour of patient’s skin and depth to which the colour of tattoo extends also affects and determine the technique of tattoo removing. There are very less side effects to the laser removal of tattoo.

At Cosmetic Surgery Clinic India, we aim to provide our patients with best and finest of treatment and care. When you get in touch with us Tattoo Removal procedure, we will make sure that you are aware about the entire procedure before making the decision.

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