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cosmetic surgery clinic india

cosmetic surgery clinic india

Thermage | Thermage face Procedure

Thermage Procedure

Are you looking for fast and safe operational approach for tightening skin without making any kind of incisions, administering injections and that too in no downtime? If yes then you can make the most of Thermage Procedure. It is a non-surgical procedure approved by FDA. It is considered as one of the most sought-after and preferred procedures for rejuvenating skin. Procedure helps in stretching the sagging areas of the body and face by solidifying as well as remoulding the existing collagen. Also it helps in producing more collagen. Once you are done with the treatment, you will realize that your skin looks younger and glows.

As slated above, thermage is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure which helps in toning and tightening drooping skin on different parts of the body including face. Results are revivified appearance in just one session that too without any downtime. This is also considered as the biggest advantage of this procedure. It is also known as ThermaCool method.

In this procedure, radio frequency energy is used for tightening, rejuvenating and to suave the skin of the patient.  Being non-surgical procedure, it is considered as one of the safest methods that can be preferred for making chin, jawline and neck tighter. In fact, it can also lift the furrows or upper eyelids.

There are many people who are choosing it. However, it can do wonders to those who are fed-up as well as frustrated because of the growing signs of ageing which are available on different parts of the body.  Undergoing this procedure allows you to get rid of agingf signs in the simplest possible way.

Right candidates for Thermage Procedure

  • If you do not want to or are unable to undergo any other more invasive cosmetic procedure or medical technique for improving or correcting skin laxity
  • If you have minor to reasonable slack skin on your belly, face, arm or neck
  • If you are looking for improvement in the texture as well as quality of the skin
  • Those who have residual skin sloppiness post-surgery or any other surgical procedure

Usually, the procedure is performed making use of technological breakthrough known as the ThermaCool TC system. It is a patented CRF, Capacitive Radio Frequency, technology which aims at stretching as well as tightening sagging tissues.  It is the patented ThermaTip wand which guides radio frequency energy through the skin of the patient heating deep layers of skin while guarding the surface with a chilling action.

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