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Upper Body Lift

Upper Body Lift

Also known as back lift or body lift, upper body lift is a cosmetic procedure comprising of one or several procedures including breast lift or gynecomastia, an upper arm lift or surgery for removing fat rolls along the back. Sagging and loose skin consequential to significant weight loss or after liposuction surgery is removed for creating a smoother and tighter contour, thus improving your overall profile and personality and boosting self-confidence.

When can you consider this procedure?

  • you underwent significant weight loss either through bariatric surgery or natural means.
  • You feel discouraged because of the presence of loose skin around your waist, chest and arms.
  • You have excess deposits of sagging and excess skin after pregnancy.
  • You have deposits of rolls of fat or back rolls around the lower back edges.

Advantages associated with the procedure:

  • Loose skin which leads to rashes and chafing will be remove.
  • Your clothes would fit your body giving you much slimmer appearance.
  • Surgery would smooth the rolls and bulges that make you self-conscious.

How is upper body lift performed?

People who prefer to undergo this type of surgery are given general anesthesia. Your experience and results depend mainly on the procedures that you choose.

Upper Arm Lift

Those who have deposits of fat on arms can undergo arm lift surgery, also known as brachioplasty. An incision is made along the back of the arm or below the armpit. For those who have undergone significant weight loss, an incision would be made from the elbow to the armpit. It might also extend toward the back and along the part of the upper chest wall.

Breast Lift

Those who are recommended breast lift should know that three incisions would be made – one extending from the areola’s bottom edge down to the breast crease, one around the areola and the last one below the breast. Excess deposits of skin will be removed, nipple would be relocated and areola shifted to a higher position on the breast. Gynecomastia surgery is performed for reducing the size of male breast.

Back Lift

Those who want to get rid of fat rolls from their lower back or middle back would have incision on both sides of their mid-back or near the bra line in case of women. The excess deposit of fat and skin will be removed from the part and the incision will then be closed with tape, glue or absorbable sutures.

Upper Body Lift Result

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